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Be Confident in the Face of Change

Even if your facility typically enjoys perfect staffing levels, transitional projects can easily and quickly monopolize your team’s time and resources. In fact, EMR/EHR conversions are among the top reasons a facility may need to enlist additional, temporary staff! 

Rather than hiring more perm staff than your facility needs, simply to withstand your EMR/EHR conversion, Medical Solutions helps you maintain the optimal workforce necessary for your unique needs before, during, and after the oftentimes unpredictable process of such important conversions.   

Ready to partner with Medical Solutions to manage and support your hospital’s EMR/EHR conversion? Contact a Client Manager at 866.633.3548 or fill out the form below to receive more information! 


Benefits You Can Expect With Our Assistance 


Travel staff’s ability to seamlessly fill gaps in patient care while your perm staff undergoes training on new systems.

Quality Assurance

Using our fully vetted Travelers ensures that your facility maintains safe nurse to patient ratios, protecting your capacity to provide quality patient care.



Travelers’ experience with multiple computer and records systems makes them an even more valuable resource during your conversion.


Being properly staffed while shouldering the burdens of an EMR/EHR conversion leads to better patient outcomes, maintains your facility’s reputation for quality, and protects your perm staff from burnout.


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