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Nurse Bridge, Medical Solution’s strike division, supports hospitals and healthcare systems with replacement workers during job actions. Our mission is to provide short-term staffing solutions during crisis situations to help ensure patients receive uninterrupted care from qualified and caring nurses.

We are dedicated to protecting the interests of healthcare organizations, local communities, and nursing departments during labor negotiations and work stoppages. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, our experienced in-house clinical team and Career Consultants are prepared to handle staffing work stoppages.

An Ounce of Prevention

If you are preparing for labor negotiations, contracting with Nurse Bridge may be the best measure you can take to prevent a work stoppage. Even good faith negotiations can break down in disagreement, so it is prudent to prepare in advance for a potential job action. Nurse Bridge provides you with the confidence that you can handle a dispute without risking quality patient care.

We’ve ‘Been There – Done That’

If you do face a work stoppage, it is good to know you have an experienced partner to help you get through it with minimal disruption to your operation. Nurse Bridge’s proven experience with such challenging circumstances can be invaluable to your organization. We know how to prepare for a job action, to manage through a tough work stoppage, and to get back to normal operations afterward. Nurse Bridge provides experience and know-how, not just people.

Nurse Bridge’s Unique Approach to Staffing 

The Best Choice For Your Facility  


Nurse Bridge prepares well in advance of the potential work stoppage. Upon completion of a staffing contract, our team of recruiters and clinical managers work in a coordinated effort with hospital administration to determine the required staff levels by unit.


We manage the recruitment, screening, transportation, housing, and scheduling of qualified workers. We immediately begin recruiting from our national database of workers and making plans to staff your facility well in advance of a job action, and maintain a “stand-by’ posture throughout the duration of our contract with your facility.


Nurse Bridge understands your requirements to meet state and federal standards for healthcare personnel. Therefore, we provide you with a complete employee file for future use for Joint Commission inspections and state health department reviews.

Cost & Quality Control

Nurse Bridge can replace your staff at a greatly reduced number of workers and yet maintain the appropriate FTE hours required. As a quality control measure, our clinical services managers make rounds on all our staff prior to each shift change to review assignments, patient acuity, and worker fatigue levels.


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