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Delegation Prevents Nurse Manager Burnout

Vacations are essential to everyone’s mental health, especially in the stressful world of nursing, where burnout is all too common. Nurse manager burnout is a topic that should be on the minds of senior leadership. Nurse managers are the critical layer of management that makes the difference between organizations meeting their goals or falling short. They make the difference in retention, turnover, patient satisfaction, financial success, and quality patient outcomes.

Nurse managers are often promoted without enough training or support, which leads to burnout. There are many ways senior leadership can support nurse managers. One of them is to encourage vacation time.

It’s easy to say take a vacation, but harder to do, and many nurse managers feel they can’t take time away. If they do, they are constantly in touch with the unit, answering emails and calls at all hours.

While they know in theory that it’s beneficial to take time off, in practice they are hindered by the fear of what will happen while they are gone.

Nurse managers need to learn how to delegate, which will reduce their stress, allow them to focus their attention on the most important priorities, and increase the skills of their staff.

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