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Nurse Retention

Discover ways in which a healthcare facility can improve retention rates among active nurses. +more

Work/Life Balance for Nurse Managers

Helpful ways to improve the work/life balance of a nurse manager. +more

Healthcare Staffing Recruitment Strategies

With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality ratings system for hospitals now in effect, it’s become increasingly important to maintain your facility’s five-star rating. To do so, you need to recruit the best and brightest healthcare professionals in the industry. Easier said than done, right? Wrong. Medical Solutions has all the right stuff with it comes to recruitment strategies. +more

Nurse Turnover Prevention

Learn how to help prevent burnout and reduce turnover among your healthcare staff. +more


Each of our Travelers possesses a unique skill set, valuable experience, and a passion for quality patient care. Our Travelers are also dedicated to meeting the overall goals of our Client's facilities. See the list of screening protocols each Medical Solutions Travel Nurse must pass in order to work at your facility. +more

Prevent Nurse Manager Burnout

Just like nurses, managers can also be prone to burning out. Learn the various ways you can help prevent burnout among your Nurse Managers — and yourself! +more

Break Time for Nurses

So many factors can contribute to a nurse burnout. Learn how five-minute breaks can improve the physical and mental well-being of nurses. +more

Orientation for Travel Nurses

Travel Nurses are a welcome addition to short-staffed facilities, but what good are they if they don't know where to begin? +more

Managers Guide: Nurse to Patient Ratios

Learn how better nurse to patient ratios can improve the health of your patients and lower your staffing costs. +more

7 Steps to Better Morale Handbook

Learn the importance of staff morale and various methods to improve it at your hospital. +more

Healthcare Staffing Articles and Resources


5 Ways Travel Nurse Staffing Can Benefit Your Facility

With today's staffing demands, your hospital needs to change its workforce policies. We have 5 reasons why travel nurses should be a part of your facility's staffing strategy today.


4 Successful Strategies to Improve Nurse Staff Engagement

Enhance your facility's patient care outcomes with these nurse staff engagement strategies.


Top 5 Trends Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing. As a healthcare professional, are you prepared to meet the challenges facing the industry?


The Case for Collaborative Staffing

Dr. Karlene Kerfoot, BSN, RN and Chief Nursing Officer at GE discusses collaborative staffing. Find out how this new hospital staffing management style could benefit your facility.


5 Strategies To Increase Your HCAHPS Score

Medical Solutions’ Clinical Director of Nursing Amber B., RN, shares her 5 strategies to help increase your hospital’s HCAHPS score and patient satisfaction.


Top 3 Nurse Recruitment Strategies for Hospitals

Recruiting nurses isn't easy in this era of nurse shortages, but these top 3 nurse recruitment tips can save your hospital staff managers a few headaches.

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