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uncompromising excellence.
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Flexible workforce solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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Medical Solutions Plus

Your staffing partner for quality patient care and a healthy bottom line.

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Nurse Bridge

The preferred strike staffing solution.

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EMR/EHR Conversion

Strategic staffing solutions for smooth transitions.

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Service That Inspires the Absolute Best in Patient Care

In 2001, Medical Solutions began with one simple goal: to provide “Service that Inspires” to our healthcare client partners at every turn. As a result, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the most respected brands in the healthcare staffing industry, with more than 2,700 healthcare client partnersand a vast network of highly talented traveling healthcare professionals. We offer healthcare facilities flexible workforce solutions, each designed to help them provide the absolute best in patient care.


We are proud to have been one of the first healthcare staffing agencies to earn Joint Commission Certification, along with their Gold Seal of Approval. As such, you can be confident that we are committed to providing you with Travel Nurses and Travel Allied Health Professionals who are held to the same high standards of quality as your own staff. 



When you work with Medical Solutions, we guarantee you’ll receive only the most experienced healthcare professionals.  That’s because we have a rigorous, multi-point screening process to ensure that our Travelers are safe, qualified, and certified. We handle all the paperwork, licensure, housing, and management, so you can focus on patient care. 



For more than a decade, Medical Solutions has partnered with hospitals and facilities nationwide. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, we are here to help your facility thrive during the ongoing staff shortages. Our Client Managers have an average of three years’ experience in the industry, and they will personally take the time to determine and help you accomplish your facility’s goals. 



As your healthcare staffing partner, we promise to meet your facility’s needs in the most cost-effective manner possible. We can help you reduce turnover costs, improve the quality of patient care, and dramatically decrease your facility’s nurse-to-patient ratio. Plus, when you find Travelers who fit your team perfectly, we can help you easily convert them from temporary to permanent staff. 



“My basic expectation is that the agency nursing staff provided will be competent, professional and caring — that has been delivered. What I didn’t count on was the high level of customer service. Darrel has gone above and beyond in that regard. 

He has been attentive to our agency needs without being overbearing and has been a delight to get to know!”

Nicole N.

Our Healthcare Workforce Solutions

medical solutions

As one of the nation’s largest Travel Nurse staffing companies, we are experts in recruiting and retaining talented Travel Nurses. We staff only the most professional, experienced nurses, so you can be confident that our Travelers will arrive at your facility ready to hit the ground running.

medical solutions plus

As your Managed Service Provider, Medical Solutions Plus can provide your hospital with a flexible, full service solution based on your facility’s unique temporary staffing needs. For you, there is only one contact, helping to control your facility’s costs, reduce staff turnover, and strengthen your patient care standards. 


nurse bridge

Is your hospital prepared to handle a job action? From recruitment to onsite management, you can rely on Nurse Bridge to coordinate experienced replacement personnel at your facility during a labor dispute. Our reputation for consistently maintaining quality while providing a 100% fill is unmatched in the industry.

EMR/EHR conversion

Thanks to our vast network of skilled Travel Nurses, Medical Solutions can help your facility seamlessly transition to EMR/EHR systems. While your permanent staff trains on the new EMR/ERH system, our Travelers will maintain your facility’s high standards of care and patient satisfaction. 

Interim Leadership Services

When you need to quickly fill an interim leadership position, Medical Solutions can offer you the support you need with experienced, post-acute healthcare leaders.



“Throughout the few years that we have worked together, she has proved time and again how dedicated she is to Medical Solutions but also to Avera Marshall as a client. Natasha is always my go to, whether she can help or not, I can trust that she will get me the answers! I know I can count on her to find the right candidates for us! I know she doesn’t have an easy job but she’s always so cheery and full of happiness whenever I talk to her! There are only two words to describe her: Absolutely Amazing!!”

Michelle R.

Our Healthcare Staffing Resources 

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Healthcare Staffing Recruitment Strategies

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Nurse Turnover Prevention

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Each of our Travelers possesses a unique skill set, valuable experience, and a passion for quality patient care. Our Travelers are also dedicated to meeting the overall goals of our Client's facilities. See the list of screening protocols each Medical Solutions Travel Nurse must pass in order to work at your facility. +more

Healthcare Staffing Articles and Resources


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“Contracts and documents are always complete and we very seldom ever have to go back and ask for anything and when we do the response is immediate. 

Our overall experience with their nurses has been exceptional. Their nurses are professional, flexible and have the skills needed for our facility.  We have had very few issues with any of their travelers, but when we have Justin and the recruiters have addressed the issues in a professional manner.

I look forward to our continued work relationship with Medical Solutions and utilizing more of their nursing staff as our needs occur.  ”

Rebecca K.

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